Need a Repair? We can do it!!!

Tonys Muzik is an authorized sevice center for Fender, Jackson, Guild, Squire, Charvel, Gretsch, SWR, Passport, Manual Rodriguez, Benedetto, Tacoma, Olympia, Orpheum, Celebrity, Applause, Takamine, Hammer, Slammer, Samick, Greg Bennet, Roctron, and adding more all the time!

Tony has been building and repairing instruments for almost 20 years and can handle just about any repair needed. 

Don’t put up with a scratchy volume pot on that amp or fret buzz on your axe!  If you’ve got an instrument in need of some major repairs or just a little tweaking call Tony today at (817) 831-6727 or email  Tony also does out of town repairs so don’t be afraid to call or email regardless of where you are.